What to Expect

First Visit – What to Expect

It is well known that the human body has the ability to heal itself after an injury. My job is to help that process along, reducing pain as quickly as possible and restoring normal motion without restrictions or adhesions.

In dealing with pain relief, first I provide gentle chiropractic adjustments to the joints to restore proper motion. Second, I offer soft tissue therapies such as stretching techniques and soft tissue mobilization with tools such as a foam roller, lacrosse balls, or compression bands to help surrounding muscles relax. Third, I teach rehabilitation exercises for stabilization and strength specific to your injury. Stabilization is important for waking up inhibited local and global stabilizing muscles. Often, an injured joint tends to move too much, creating pain, which then shuts down the smaller muscles that are needed to keep the joint from moving too much. A focus is to regain the stability and strength needed for ordinary activites of daily living such as standing, squatting, and lifting without pain.