Mobility and Rehabilitation

Mobility is the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.  As it pertains to our human body, this is any structure that allows or potentially restricts motion.

We are dealing with those restricted motions that over time can lead to swelling, decreased range of motion and most importantly pain.  When these signs arise, it is most likely that a problem had been persisting for some time.  Slowly through repetitions such as improper running, squatting, standing or jumping, this lack of proper motion becomes evident as pain.

First we need to understand where the restrictions may come from.  Joint mobility dysfunction which simply means your joint itself isn’t able to move through its normal and expected range of motion, or tissue extensibility dysfunction which is adheased stiff tissue within tendons, ligaments, muscle or fascia that restricts motion.

If we can improve our mobility we can then help to resolve pain, prevent injury and perform better in all aspects of our movement based life.

It is important that we clean up our movement patterns and positions that may be leading to the restricted motion.  Undoing stiff tissue while also continuing to move in a poor manner that our bodies weren’t built to handle over time will be fruitless.  However, with better movement patterns and improved mobility we get results.  We can use simple techniques such as dynamic stretches, compression, smashing and massage with uncomplicated tools such as a foam roller, lacrosse balls, stretch bands and compressions bands to loosen tight, restricted tissues.

In conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, which also help to reset and regain proper joint motion, organized soft-tissue work done consistently can help resolve pain in a very conservative manner.