Auto Injury

Auto Injury and Chiropractic

Being involved in a car accident is a stressful situation for many reasons.  In addition to the challenge of dealing with insurance and car repairs, a major concern is the resultant pain and dysfunction.

It may take some time for injuries to become apparent due to the maximum amount of inflammation potentially taking 4 days to occur.  Even low-speed car accidents can cause a multitude of soft- tissue injuries that may not produce symptoms until days or weeks after the collision occurred.  These whiplash types of injuries are often overlooked due to the focus of more immediate injuries.  Often patients are sent home from the emergency room with neck brace and pain relievers, neither of which can solve the long-tem damage.  We address these soft tissue injuries through gentle manipulation and physiotherapy techniques tailored to each patients’ needs.  Eliminating pain, regaining range of motion and strength is our end goal.

A whiplash type injury is considered a functional condition as opposed to a pathological condition.  Functional conditions are treated in chiropractic offices daily, by doctors that specialize in non-surgical care of nerve, muscular and skeletal conditions.